How many hairs does the human body have?

Did you know that the average adult human holds 100,000 follicular units on their scalp?

On average, the density of a normal scalp is 80-100 follicular units per square cm. For clients suffering from hair loss and baldness, in the affected areas, there is already a 50% loss of follicular units.

This leads to the question, how dense can the scalp be packed in a single Hair Transplant procedure?

The answer to that question is debatable among many surgeons. Some surgeons report that 25 to 35 follicular units per square cm can definitely conceal hair loss and balding amongst patients, other surgeons report between 45 to 60 follicular units and few surgeons will aim higher between 70 to 90 follicles per square centimetre. It is important for the surgeon to be certain not to compromise the blood supply to the scalp that may cause shock loss.

While a hair transplant is the best-known surgery for combatting hair loss, it cannot provide clients with their natural density levels in one session. with careful, strategized planting, however, if you are looking to achieve your natural density, a second hair transplant procedure will be able to achieve that.

The reason why parameters are placed on the number of follicular units per square cm, is because if too many follicles are placed too close together, it can impede on the follicle’s growth, and potentially affect the growth of the surrounding existing hair.

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