FUE Hair Transplant

We get it – hair loss can really mess with your confidence. Unlock the secret to natural hair restoration with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)!  

At Elite Hair Clinic, we help you fight hair loss and achieve thicker, fuller locks with hardly any pain or discomfort. By combining advanced technology with personalised care, we offer safe and minimally invasive FUE hair transplant experiences.

Whether you’re dealing with a receding hairline or a thinning crown, our FUE hair transplant service offers a cost-effective solution for all of your hair worries.

Our team of doctors and technicians are highly educated and trained in premier institutions in Australia, the UK and the US. Book a free consultation now and take the first step towards healthy hair!

The magic behind FUE hair transplants

Coping with hair loss can be challenging, affecting not only your appearance but also your self-esteem. Our FUE hair transplant service ensures a gentle and effective solution to restore not just your hair, but also your confidence. FUE involves extracting healthy hair follicles from a donor area (usually the sides of the head or back of the neck) and grafting them onto thinning or bald areas. These may include your beard, eyebrows, hairline or other areas of concern on the scalp. Follicles are taken using an extraction instrument less than 1 mm in diameter and implanted using a powerful stereo microscope. Our team carefully implants the hairs at the right angle, replicating the way your original hair grows.

Who can benefit from FUE?

An FUE hair transplant may be suitable if you:

  • Experience pattern baldness or thinning
  • Seek less discomfort and downtime post-procedure
  • Are concerned about visible scarring
  • Prefer a procedure with minimal activity restrictions

How it works


The recipient area is numbed completely with local anaesthetic, ensuring the patient feels at ease from start to finish.


The hairs on your scalp have their own ‘follicular unit’ which is composed of one to four hairs with various key components allowing it to survive. 

During extraction, a specialised micro-punch device delicately punctures the skin around the follicle, about one to two millimetres from the surface. Then, each unit or graft is individually extracted. The device separates surrounding tissue from the unit, minimising trauma to the surrounding areas. 

A powerful magnifying glass is used to ensure precise outcomes. This method allows the follicles to be removed without leaving a linear scalp scar.


Follicles are grouped based on thickness, bulb size and the number of hairs. Having enough variations ultimately yields the most authentic-looking results possible.

Once follicles have been selected, they are manually implanted into the targeted area of the scalp. An implanter tool gently penetrates the skin, so the follicle can be placed just one millimetre below the surface. Only tiny incisions are made in the scalp to minimise obvious scarring.

Our team has undergone rigorous training to perfect the procedure and guarantee that only the healthiest hair follicles are selected for extraction.

Aftercare and healing

Unlike other hair transplant procedures, the initial recovery phase of FUE is quick and relatively painless:

  • 7 to 10 days after the procedure — Kick back and relax! Give your body the time it needs to rejuvenate.
  • Months 1 to 4 — Patience is key. Stick with the process as your transplanted hair begins its growth journey.
  • Months 4 to 6 — Observe as the transplanted hairs begin to emerge.
  • Month 7 — With a fresh surge of confidence, get ready to flaunt the new version of yourself!

The benefits of FUE hair transplants

Fuller thicker hair

FUE promises not just fuller, thicker hair, but also a natural-looking finish. The precise harvesting technique reduces trauma to your follicles, promoting the growth of healthier strands as you recover. 

Minimal discomfort and scarring

FUE doesn’t require stitches or result in linear scarring. It leaves only tiny, dot-like scars that are practically invisible even with short hair or a shaved head.

FUE hair transplants deliver excellent results and complications are rare. Any discomfort or visible signs of surgery typically subside within a week, ensuring a smooth and quick healing process.

Affordable and convenient

FUE offers a cost-effective way to achieve that perfect look. The total cost of the procedure depends on the degree of hair loss and the number of grafts needed. While more grafts may require a bit more money, the permanent results make it a worthwhile investment.

Elite Hair Clinic offers competitive rates and financing options. We’ve teamed up with The Lifestyle Credit (TLC) to provide flexible payment plans, making your hair transformation journey affordable and stress-free.

Swift recovery

Since it’s minimally invasive, FUE requires minimal downtime. Typically, patients can engage in light activities within a week and resume their regular activities within a month.

Flexibility in donor areas

With FUE, hair follicles can be taken from the beard, scalp or other body areas. This flexibility allows doctors to choose the best donor site according to the patient’s unique needs.

FUE vs FUT: What’s the difference?

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as the strip method, is the traditional way to transplant and regrow hair.

Here’s how it works: first, a strip of scalp is surgically removed and stitched up. Then, the doctor separates that strip into smaller pieces, or grafts, containing hair follicles. Using a needle or blade and a microscope, the doctor makes small holes in the scalp where the grafts are inserted. Finally, the surgical site is covered with bandages.

In FUE, follicular units are individually extracted, resulting in punctiform scars that are less noticeable than a linear scar. Additionally, the absence of stitches allows for faster healing of all incisions.

Combat hair loss with painless FUE hair transplants

At Elite Hair Clinic, we’re all about making your hair transformation journey quick, affordable and painless. Explore our before-and-after portfolio to see the flawless results we’ve achieved. 

Ready to rock that new look? Book your free consultation now!


The procedure generally spans a full day. We advise our patients to arrive at 7:15 AM with a full or light stomach.

Unlike other clinics, we actually prefer our patients to stay conscious during the procedure. This allows ongoing communication with our team, creating a more engaged and comfortable experience.

Not at all! Besides the mild discomfort during the application of the initial local anaesthetic, the entire process should be smooth and pain-free.

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What our clients say:

I am currently on day 10, post hair transplant with Elite Hair Clinics and could not be happier with the service that I received.Although it's way to early to know what the final results will be, I could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish and I am really glad I chose to go with Elite Hair Clinics.Every single person from the company that I met was awesome, made me feel welcome and in safe hands. My concerns before the procedure were:- Are all the 5 star reviews too good to be true?- Will the procedure be really painful?- Am I just another person to them who they push through the process?I can honestly say that they deserve all of the 5 stars they have received, for the personable service they provide, the procedure really isn't painful at all (although I can't lie, the injections are a little uncomfortable) and throughout the whole day I felt like the most important person in the building.Great people, great process and fingers crossed - great results.
james dance
james dance
Hamish Sarode
Hamish Sarode
Came in to Elite Hair Clinic to get a small procedure done, as I had a prior post-surgical scar from a few years back that left me without hair in that spot.Dr Will and the rest of the staff are exceptional. They were very professional, friendly and honest and I felt I was in safe hands throughout the whole process, especially since I never thought I would ever consider a hair transplant for my scar.It’s early days after the procedure, but I’m already seeing a big difference, and can’t wait to see the final result once time and patience plays its part.
My experience at Elite Hair Clinic Sydney has been nothing short of exceptional. Three months after my hair transplant, with over 3,500 grafts, my only regret was not doing it sooner.Firstly, the surgery itself was surprisingly painless. The team at Elite Hair Clinic ensured I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure, which made a significant difference in my overall experience. I have a very low pain tolerance and found the surgery to be painless once numbed.What truly sets this clinic apart, however, is their aftercare. From day one post-surgery to the present, their aftercare has been unmatched. The team has been incredibly attentive, addressing any concerns promptly and providing thorough guidance on post-transplant care.As a result, I've noticed significant improvement in my hair growth and overall appearance. I couldn't be happier with the results and the support I've received from Elite Hair Clinic.I am only at the 3 month stage and have another 9 months to go to see full results yet my confidence has already sky rocketed.If you're considering a hair transplant, I highly recommend Elite Hair Clinic Sydney for their expertise, professionalism, and outstanding aftercare.I cannot thank you guys enough!
Fadi Kanoun
Fadi Kanoun
I done my surgery with Elite hair Clinic on January 31st and i can say with all honesty with the pain it makes you question why did i do this surgery. But once I started seeing the results i have 0 regrets. Between 2-3 months i started seeing growth in areas where im usually bald and got so excited seeing that. Knowing this is still early stages and after 4-6 months their is more growth makes excited for the time ahead. If your a bald person and thinking to do the transplant just do it. You will thank yourself later. In life Money comes and goes. I was being told by family over 1 year but 6 months pre surgery my hair started falling out in excess and real fast so i said to myself i need to save my hair while i can. And im glad i did. Thankyou to all at the Elite hair clinic
I was very nervous before my procedure and they made me feel reassured and confident before my procedure! They were not only welcoming, hospitable and amazing but more importantly they were very good at what they do! Everyone’s got their own role and they all perform it perfectly. One of the best experiences and places of business I’ve ever been too! Highly recommend it and would give it 6 stars if I could!!! Thanks again guys!!!
Rebaz Goran
Rebaz Goran
Elite Hair is a fantastic clinic. The op itself went smoothly, and from pre, during, and post procedure the staff have been so accomodating and supportive. 9 months post procedure and Dr Will & senior technician Thelma still reply instantly to any of my concerns and questions. Would highly recommend!
Had my hair transplant done at elite and was so much easier then expected. Well priced, staff all made me feel at home and loved couldn’t be happier with my hair. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing it to go to elite
David Leonardi
David Leonardi
I recently had a hair transplant and was thoroughly impressed with the entire experience. The staff were exceptionally friendly and took the time to explain every step of the process clearly, ensuring I was comfortable and informed throughout. Their follow-up care was outstanding, highlighting their dedication and care for their patients. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone considering a hair transplant—they truly go above and beyond!
Vishal A
Vishal A
Got HT 3 days ago. Their dedication to patient care, both during and after the treatment, sets a gold standard in the industry. Choosing Elite Hair Clinic was one of the best decisions I've made for my hair restoration journey, and I am immensely grateful for their outstanding service and support.
6 months in so far so good, had some really good growth and lots of compliments. From all the staff to the doctor everyone is lovely and very friendly. If your thinking of doing it, just do it you won’t regret it and elite is a good place to start with a great city location and good aftercare that you won’t get in turkey.
Strike Force187
Strike Force187
Completed my hair transplant yesterday at EHC. Team is great and professional, and helped with all my enquiries. Special thank you to Rami and gabby who helped complete my procedure on the day and Dr Will for the great hair line design.I have completed another hair transplant in turkey in a major and well known clinic and EHC standards and pricing are very competitive with them, so if you are choosing to complete a HT in Sydney, you will not be disappointed!
Clare L
Clare L
Friendly clinic with the loveliest and highly qualified staff. The procedure was very easy, painless aside from the local anaesthetic injections which were quick. The night of you’re a little sore and then after that you’re fine. I’m very happy I did it with elite clinic, they are price competitive which means there was no point in travelling overseas for the procedure that I could comfortably have in Sydney.
Fernando Stutek
Fernando Stutek
Be bold !I would love to share my story to help everybody who is losing hair.My name is Andre and I am 28 years old german.Since 5 years I am losing a lot of hair so I decided for a long term solution which is a hair transplantation. After 1 year of silenting creeping the achieves of HT Facebook groups I knew what I had to look for. I heard a lot of horrible storys from people who made bad experience around the world.Why Elite Hair clinic ?From the first meeting which was consultation I felt comfortable. Every question I had was answered after that appointment. I felt at ease instantly with the team, which is very important for me cause it’s about my body and a procedure. I had everything what I needed for the post procedure from them. Nothing was missing.They invited me every couple weeks to see how it’s going and gave me advises for the best results. So I felt comfortable the whole process !Look at the pictures. The results are amazing for 8 month and they will grow till 12 month.To sum up I never regret the HT and the decision to do it with Elite Hair in Sydney.Don‘t wait. Do it.2.500 grafts
Matt Ellison
Matt Ellison
After 5 consultations with various clinics inc in Turkey, I made the choice to utilise Elite hair clinics for my hair transplant and what an incredible experience it has been so far! The confidence and experience that both Harry and Will expressed in the initial stages drew me in then their knowledge and advice in answering all my questions helped me finalise my decision. Plus the price was extremely competitive with turkey rates but without the 48 return flights.The procedure was completely painless, although time consuming, but very positive in a space run by a fantastic team.I’ll update with 6month pics .Highly recommend 👌👌👌
Taylor Shalala
Taylor Shalala
My husband done his procedure with Elite Hair Clinic and their work and service was second to none!! We wouldn’t recommend anyone else !! Their service was amazing from pre to post procedure!!
I had my procedure on the 10th of August. Thelma, Rojeh and Dr Will were very polite and friendly and they treat customers very well. Elite clinic are very professional and they work as a great team with all of their other staff. I was quite pleased during the procedure and Rojeh gave me the confidence throughout it.Edit: After 6 months, I have seen incredible results and they have done an amazing job. I highly recommend Elite Clinic and the team are great at what they do.
Had hair transplant yesterday. Couldn’t be happier with my choice of clinic. Was long day but was kept comfortable throughout the day being given lunch, treats and even a blanket. Minor to no pain during the whole day. Professionalism and commitment and communication are next level. I will be blogging my journey over the next 12mths on Insta and TikTok @LukeyBarber . So keen and excited. Thanks to all the team at Elite Hair Clinic
If you’re in search of a professional picture perfect team, look no further than elite hair clinic. These guys are awesome and they were all really helpful and amazing from start to end. Thank you guys.
J Hu
J Hu
Really good experience, fantastic team very friendly. Got it done a week ago, progress seems to be good so far will see how it goes in 6-12 months when the full effect kicks in.
Ian Wallington
Ian Wallington
Yes, I too was a skeptic and didn't really believe what I saw online was possible...I got recommended Elite Hair by a work colleague (who I used as a live case study!) and I did an online consultation with Thelma who helped give me an indication of if the operation was possible, and at what cost. I came down to the office for my operation and it's safe to say that the whole team at Elite were amazing. I felt very welcome and safe, and they even kept me entertained for hours whilst I was being operated on. Fast forward to just over 4 months post op and for the first time in 20ish years I have a front hairline. I have had so many compliments on my hair, and even friends telling me that I look 10 years younger, I am very happy. Yes, its still a bit patchy at the moment but I had a big op (5400 grafts) due to my baldness and I expect this to continue to gain density over the coming months... It is a long operation (and process), so patience is a virtue! Thanks Dr Will and team for an amazing job, I really appreciate all your help. I highly recommend the Elite team!!
Nishant Verma
Nishant Verma
I just had my hair transplant done today.I was a bit nervous if i have choose the right place for it.And now i feel , it was my life’s best decision.Dr will was very helpful in my initial consultation. He even answered alot of my questions or doubts i had regarding the procedure, and build that trust that i was in good hands. I know results vary from case to case, keeping my fingers crossed on it.On my procedure day, the start was great. Made me felt comfortable by the team. They made sure if i was ok or if their is any un comfort, so they can make things easy for me. 100% recommended to everyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.Lunch was also super amazing Offered by them. Even they give alot of instructions on what needs to be done after procedure… I would highly recommend Dr will and his team and with reasonable prices as well!
Xmdn Djdj
Xmdn Djdj
Just had a 2900 graft hair transplant yesterday 🙂 They bought me lunch gave me all my post meds, travel pillow, shower caps, saline spray you name it in all in little bag at the end of surgery. Followed up today reminded that there’s a post care number handy if I had any further questions. The team are so casual like but efficient and very professional couldn’t fault a thing. For how much I paid you couldn’t get this service anywhere else in Sydney. I had “5” technicians handling my transplant procedure with the guidance of Dr Will. Thelma, Rami, Roger, Gabby thank you all very much highly recommend! Very happy **thumbs up**
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