Heat appliances and Hair Loss

Did you Know that using heat appliances can be a contributing factor to hair loss?

It is crucial to keep in mind that hair loss does not only result from genetics or age.

The majority of people style their hair with hot air appliances, these include blow dryers, flat irons, and curling rods. Unfortunately, frequent use of these appliances can do a lot of damage to your hair follicles. The most common form of damage that people know is hair damage to the strands, however, it goes a lot further than just the hair strands.

Not only does your hair begin to break and split with frequent use of hot air appliances, but it can travel up to the root and cause hair loss, as the follicle has been damaged too much, and cause your hair to fall out.

Always remember to be mindful of how you’re styling your hair. The most damage is done when hot air appliances, such as flat iron or blow dryer are used on wet hair. This is because they boil the water molecules in your hair and leave your hair brittle; prone to breakage and hair loss.

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