Ciaran Griffiths Original Interview

Hi Ciaran,

It was great talking to you the other day. Hope you had a great weekend.

We are doing a small section on our website to introduce you as celebrity patient of ours. I’m very excited about sharing your results.

To start with, please tell us about yourself and your career and highlights in your career

(your acting roles)

The Bill” series regular 

“Shameless” series regular

Royal television society award winner- best performance in a drama 

Micheal Mac Lamoir theatre award – best actor. 

“Atlantis” “The Mill” “The Bay” “Svengali” 

1. (Q.) Coming to Australia
(A.) I first came to Australia in 2019 whilst performing in the award winning premier world tour theatre production of “All I see is you” once in Sydney I met my partner, started a family and now reside here.

2. (Q)When were you aware that Hair Transplants were available?
(A) I have numerous friends, both actors & none actors who have had hair transplants with mostly great results, some not so great.

3. (Q) What research did you do?
(A)  I first looked online at clinics in Sydney that did hair transplants which procedures they performed, their reviews & also testimonials. I then booked to have a face to face appointment with each of the consultants and surgeons to get their opinion on what they could achieve and also a feel for them personally.

4. (Q) What was the final catalyst that made you go ahead with a hair transplant and were you nervous?
(A) Yeah I was a little bit nervous naturally as I was going in for the treatment that day. I remember looking in the mirror before I left the house saying to myself “This is it, goodbye arches”

5. (Q) How did you feel at Elite Hair Clinic, how did they (doctor, staff) treat you upon your arrival?
(A) I’d spoken in depth with Sam & Thelma about what the procedure was going to be, how long it would take and what the end result would be. They were very thorough and explained everything to me in fine detail. If I had any questions no matter how big or small they took their time to go through it with a great deal of care and patience. I chose these guys for that reason. I believe that the energy you feel from people is very important and these guys were very empathetic and compassionate.  I couldn’t have felt more comfortable.

6.(Q) Did the end result meet your expectations?
(A) The end result has over exceeded my expectations. I look and feel a lot younger and more confident. The after care has also been terrific.

7.(Q) What advice do you have for anyone seeking a hair transplant?
(A) I would say to anyone thinking of having it done, go to see a few different places, check their testimonials and make sure you meet the doctors face to face. Ask lots of questions and take note of their attitude. Don’t be rushed into it. And obviously go with Elite hair clinic.

8. (Q) How does the results of a hair transplant change the way you feel and do you think it makes a difference to your career, life?
(A) Before I had very big arches that was definitely limiting the types of roles I was going up for. Sometimes I’d read a role and instantly know my face wouldn’t fit. It’s funny when you’re in that stage of no longer going for the younger roles but not quite sitting in the parent roles market. I’m know suitably hovering towards the latter without he Eddie Munster forehead. 

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